We have extensive experience in all types of contracting

• Team Design-Build
• Pre-Development Construction Services
• Renovations | Tenant Improvements
• Construction Management
• Maintenance and Service

We work closely with our customers to achieve all of their construction and facility requirements. Our team members specialize in commercial construction projects, with over 30 years of experience on financial institutions, health care, commercial/retail, and property management work in Washington and Oregon. Over the last 12 Months we have performed over $14M in commercial contracts. From the design process through comprehensive closeouts, we excel at meeting the demands of commercial contracting.

Our commitment is to make a positive project impact

• Safety
• Design Processes
• Schedule and Significant Man Power Solutions
• Fulfilment of Project Completion Goals and Deadlines
• Invoicing and Project Closeout Documentation
• Quality Control
• High Customer Satisfaction
• Warranty and Solvency

Our team members’ expertise is in creating highly satisfied customers on commercial construction projects, large or small. We offer design services, facility maintenance, and construction management. From financial institutions to healthcare to property management, our team has a diverse range of project experience. We endeavor to provide exceptional value for our clients.

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